Hotel Helada


Modern accommodation in Mladá Boleslav in Helada Hotel is suitable for short-term stay and for long-term stay as well. We offer accommodation in Mladá Boleslav a little less than 50 km from Prague. Helada Hotel is non-smoking and is offering 10 rooms the type of double and suit. Accommodation is available after previous reservation or, in the case of free rooms, in site. In the case of long-term stay the considerable discount in provided from the classical price.

Our rooms


Each guest has a little present in the room, tea, coffee, sugar and biscuit. All of this is refilled during the stay. Matter of course is bath cosmetics OLIVA del Mediterraneo – body soap, shampoo and body lotion. Handkerchiefs, cleansing pads, cotton swabs and nail-file. All rooms are equipped with TV with satellite, phone, kitchen units with built-in glass ceramic hob, fridge, microwave and air-conditioning. Air-conditioning is available at an extra cost of 200 CZK a day.

How our rooms look like